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Simple & practical yoga for busy people.


I’m Kathryn, a private yoga teacher based in Minneapolis.

Kama Kat Yoga is my specialized program for teaching beginner yoga, in a very simple & practical way. I emphasize strength, alignment, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Walking into a corporate yoga studio can feel pretty intimidating. I remember when I first tried a yoga class, I was overwhelmed by the teacher shouting the names of strange poses. I tried to copy other students, but had no idea if I was doing it correctly or not.

Luckily, I was blessed to meet my yoga teacher Leslie Journet, while we both taught at the JCC in Manhattan. She took the time and patience to model the exact alignment of each pose, adjust my own alignment in each pose, and explain the reasoning behind why we do what we do.

I initially started yoga as a way to quit smoking cigarettes. Ultimately, yoga transformed my life in every way. Less stress, more confidence, sculpted body, relaxation, and ultimately a new career.

My intention is to share my simple and practical approach to yoga, so that even the busiest beginners can enjoy its benefits. Private training is tailored to your body, your ability, your goals, and your schedule. Learn more about private training with me.

I hold BA and MA degrees from New York University, and have an extensive background in public health and education.

I regularly teach private clients and workshops in Minneapolis, New York City, Miami, and beyond! Subscribe to my newsletter for the latest updates.

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