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Kama is sanskrit for pleasure or desire. Like in the Kama Sutra.

Kat is me. I think of pleasure as feeling good in the present moment. Yoga teaches us that the present moment is all we ever have anyway. 

I am a private yoga teacher based in Minneapolis. My programming is founded on alignment, mindfulness, and Taoist energy cultivation. Everything I teach is with the intention to help you feel more pleasure.

Yoga transformed my life when I started practicing under the tutelage of Leslie Journet in New York City. My intention was to reduce stress and quit smoking cigarettes. What I received was far more—a deep transformation of self that expanded beyond the physical and mental.

In 2016, I created Yoga For Intimacy to share the practices that inspired my expansion of sexual pleasure. In 2018, I transitioned my program into Kama Kat Yoga in order to provide a wider array of offerings to my clients.

My yoga programming has been featured by many brands including Bwom, PlayboyTV, Sex With Dr. Jess, and the Sexual Health Expo.

I hold BA and MA degrees from New York University, and have an extensive background in social science research.

I regularly teach private clients and workshops in Minneapolis, New York City, Miami, and beyond!