Sex Energy & Polarity

The purpose of yoga is to open up the body, so that there is more space for the breath to flow. And breath is life force. Power. Energy. In Taoism, life force is called chi. Taoism also teaches of another force called jing, which is sexual energy. You can feel it when you are aroused. That incredibly electrifying power that we associate with paramount pleasure.

I understand that sometimes when we talk about our energetic flow, it can seem esoteric. But there’s no denying that feeling of sexual arousal, attraction, and pleasure can be absolutely powerful.

The Taoist understanding of sex energy is founded on the notion of polarity, meaning that nature works in a dynamic of opposites. The moon and the sun. Winter and summer. Night and day. Water and fire.

Yin and Yang.

Yin energy is cool and passive. Yin energy is feminine energy.

Yang energy is hot and active. Yang energy is masculine energy.

While these polar energies may be on the opposite ends of a spectrum, their existence is interdependent and complimentary, because they exist on the same spectrum.

Taoism teaches that our flow of sex energy is based on this polarity, and that it flows from the yang to the yin.

Feminine sex energy flows from the breast to the genitals. The breasts are a woman’s yang, her most active site of sex energy and pleasure. Nipple stimulation produces oxytocin, which is the main hormone that women release during orgasm. In fact, many women are able to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Oxytocin is known as the ‘bonding hormone’, an important aspect of female sex energy. Our breasts are the site of our heart, and our sexual pleasure is often lead by our heart and our desire to bond. The genitals are a woman’s yang, her site of passive pleasure. She must be warmed up to physical connection. Our sex energy flows from the breast to the genitals—physically when considering the strong pleasure of nipple stimulation, metaphysically when considering that an emotional bond can be of tantamount sexual attraction.

Masculine sex energy flows in the reverse cycle, from the genitals to the chest. The genitals are a man’s yang, his most active site of sex energy and pleasure. Within the schema, it’s understood that a man be physically aroused rather easily, because his sex energy is lingering at his groin all day. The chest is a man’s yang, his site of passive pleasure. He must be warmed up to emotional connection. His sex energy flows from the genitals to the chest, physically because it takes him more time for his sexual pleasure to move beyond his genital area. Metaphysically, men are much more readily available for physical pleasure than emotional pleasure laying within the heart. He must be warmed up to connecting with his partner beyond the physical.

The Taoist schema of sex energy flow asks us to identify the archetype that we most relate to, either feminine sex energy or masculine sex energy.

We will open both the Root Chakra, located at the genitals, and the Heart Chakra, located at the breast or chest, with the intention of making more space for our sex energy to flow in both directions.

Notice when you are sexually aroused, do you feel your energetic flow beginning from your Root Chakra at the genitals, or from the Heart Chakra at the chest. Notice also when you are sexually aroused, do you feel your energetic flow stemming from a physical desire, or from an emotional desire.

The intention is for us to have a deeper awareness of how our sex energy flows in our body, so that we can go with the flow and feel an even deeper connection with our Self. The intention is to feel our sex energy more deeply. The intention is to feel our sexual pleasure more deeply.

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