Backdoor Pleasure

I believe that when we are attracted to someone, we should become intimate with them as soon as possible. The only way to know if we have the potential to expand each others' pleasure horizons is to feel it; and the only way to feel it is to actually feel it! While every sexual experience is a gift, there are different levels to what we share.

I believe that anal pleasure is one of the greatest sexual treasures, and is an experience that I share with only my most connected lovers. Vulnerability is taken to a new level when your partner is literally inside of your ass. And when you both orgasm from that experience, it's a paradise of pleasure that is truly priceless.

I invite you to follow my favorite tips for giving the most satisfying gift of all: deep anal pleasure.

1. Take it slowly.

Let's say that you are new to yoga, and that you really want to do the splits. You wouldn't expect to do the splits after your first class, would you? I  hope not, because it takes time to open your body to a new pose and practice. By consistently working on your form and flexibility, over time, you will be able to do the splits.

This is the same idea with anal sex. Just because you really want anal penetration, does not mean that your body is ready. Consistent practice, over time, will prepare you to receive explosive anal pleasure. If you have been following my suggestions for analingus, begin deepening your practice by massaging you partner's anus with one finger, during oral sex. Once they are comfortable, gently insert one finger into your partner's anus. Practice this a few times before moving up to two fingers, and a few more times before moving up to three fingers. I usually suggest to my clients that they prepare for at least three weeks before trying full penetration for the first time. (This also includes regular anal exploration during masturbation!)

2. Stay relaxed.

Tightening up not only blocks the flow of sex energy through your body, but it can cause your anus to restrict and resist pleasure. My favorite way to practice opening up the booty, is with the Bridge Pose:

Bridge Pose / Photo by  Paulo Salud

Bridge Pose / Photo by Paulo Salud

Begin by laying down on your back, with your knees bent and feet on the floor and your perineum pointing out between your legs. Then lift your hips by pressing the balls of your feet into the ground, not by gripping your glutes. This is the key to keeping your booty relaxed!

3. Tell your partner to 'Come Here'.

Once you're able to insert your fingers into your partner's anus, try moving them into the 'come here' motion. That means your fingertips are pointing upward, so that when you curl your finger(s), you are stroking the front wall of the anus. This is where the perineal sponge is located, which is a mind-blowing erogenous zone for women. This is also where the male prostate is located, which is referred to as his 'g-spot' because of its orgasmic intensity!

4. Then come everywhere.

What I find so magical about anal sex is that it is a true expansion of your pleasure. You can be stimulated to climax through your back door AND your front door AT THE SAME TIME! When pleasuring a woman's anus, remember to also stimulate her clitoris and vagina. When pleasuring a man's anus, remember to also stimulate his penis. Compound pleasure is a phenomenon never to be missed, and is the key to full-body orgasms.

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