Sexy Body Scan

As my clients will tell you, I love to recommend the Body Scan meditation. This mindfulness practice asks you to lay down on your back, perineum pointing straight out in between your legs, with your eyes shut. The intention is to focus on relaxing each part of your body, from the bottom to the top. This helps us to release anxious thoughts by replacing them with an awareness of physical sensations.

I invite you to be inspired by this body scan, for a guided meditation experience that will melt your partner’s chilling anxieties into dripping hot pleasure. While I write as a woman guiding the meditation to man, this practice is for people of women and men both, to give and receive both.

1. Begin with the feet.

Rub your hands together to warm up your energy, and then give it to him with a good foot rub. Massage each toe. With your tongue. Stroke the arches. Use your thumb to apply pressure underneath the ball of the foot, between the 2nd and 3rd toes. This is the Bubbling Spring acupressure point. See what starts getting wet…

2. Work up the legs.

Rub one leg at a time, in upward strokes, beginning with the shin bone and then the thigh bone. This relaxes the muscles while also bringing the blood toward the pleasure area. You can sit on top of his foot and let him feel what else is getting wet... Lightly drag your fingertips between his thighs to make sure he’s really relaxing. But don’t touch the pleasure area! Dessert, baby.

3. Relax the stomach.

Of course we want to look good for our partner, but tonight is all about feeling good. No sucking in the gut allowed. Tell him to take a deep belly breath, raising the bellybutton upon inhale. Kiss his stomach and tell him how you love it when he relaxes. This kind of breathing allows more oxygen into the body, which opens us up for more pleasure.

4. Worship the nipples.

One by one. Lick the areola and then gently suck on the nipple. Gently blow on the moistened nipple. Straddle him with your own moistness… Make sure he stays still!

5. Move from the shoulder to the fingers.

The shoulders are where we hold most of our tension. Massage your partner’s shoulders, one at a time, with a maximum pressure. Then roll his arms between your hands, from the upper arm to the forearm. Massage his hands with your hands and with any other body part that you choose. Get his fingers wet inside of your mouth and with any other body part that you choose…

6. Kiss the entire face.

Beginning from the neck, move along the jawline, around the lips, cheeks, nose, eye lids (his eyes should stay closed!), eyebrows, along the hairline, and to the ears. Don’t let him kiss you. His job is to completely relax his body, no moving. Gently massage the top of his head with your fingertips, and ask him if he’s relaxed now. He will say yes.

7. Tell him that you think he can relax even more.

Sit on top of him and let that DEEP relaxation come!

kama kat