Cat-Cow Thrusting

The Cat-Cow Flow is a foundational yoga practice, and is my favorite warm-up to begin almost every asana sequence. This flow helps to lubricate the pelvis, which is essential for genital mobility (i.e. grinding). In Taoism, this is the key ingredient to ‘Up-Down Thrusting’ for multiple orgasms.

Cow Pose / Photo by  Paulo Salud

Cow Pose / Photo by Paulo Salud

Cat Pose / Photo by  Paulo Salud

Cat Pose / Photo by Paulo Salud

The Asana: Cat-Cow Pose

  • Begin on all fours (hands and knees) with your legs bent at 90 degrees and your arms straight down. Your knees should be directly under your hips, and your hands should be directly under your shoulders. Keep your perineum (the area in between your genitalia and anus) pointing directly back, which will require a bend in the hips, and give you a slight backbend. Pull your bellybutton towards your spine to activate your pelvic floor.

  • For the Cow Pose (Pictured Above): Point your perineum back and your nose forward. Bring your shoulder blades together, and elongate your chest up and out.

  • For the Cat Pose (Pictured Above): Point your perineum down in between your legs, and point your nose down in between your hands. Spread your shoulder blades apart, and elongate your back body up and out.

  • Move from the Cow Pose to the Cat Pose in a flow. You can inhale on the Cow Pose and exhale on the Cat Pose. The intention is to move only your pelvis and torso—your arms and legs should stay still.

  • For extra pelvic lubrication in the Cow Pose, move your perineum in a clockwork motion behind you like in a grinding motion, keeping your entire body still except for your pelvis.

The Application: Up-Down Thrusting

The Cat-Cow Flow warms up your hips and pelvis for extended pelvic mobility during intimacy, and is especially beneficial for increasing female pleasure. The female g-spot is located above the front area of the vagina; deeper beyond the g-spot is another erogenous zone called the a-spot, and across the vagina from the g-spot is another erogenous zone called the ps-spot. Pelvic mobility helps to ensure that couples have complete access of this pleasure terrain, which can be heightened through Up-Down Thrusting.

The 'Up-Down Thrusting' method is a Taoist practice for vaginal penetration where the point of friction is at the clitoris, which is markedly different from the 'In-Out Thrusting' method where the point of friction is at the head of the penis. In-Out Thrusting tends to overstimulate the head of the penis, which is often the cause of premature ejaculation. Not to mention that it barely stimulates the vastness of pleasure within the vagina, and completely neglects the highly sensitive clitoris.

Up-Down Thrusting emphasizes female pleasure, which I believe to be key to fulfilling heterosexual intimacy. The penis is kept inside of the vagina for the entire practice, moving 'up' and 'down' to stimulate her g-spot and ps-spot, in addition to the clitoris. Men tend to orgasm much more easily than women, and are often aroused even more deeply by witnessing the female partner’s orgasm.

Both partners shifting the focus to female pleasure, creates more space for both partners to reach climax.

Both partners maintaining the intention of the Cat-Cow Flow pelvic mobility, creates a harmonious flow of pleasure that radiates from two roots becoming one.

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