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Frog Pose (Mandukasana)

  Photo by    Paulo Salud

Photo by Paulo Salud

The Asana

  • Begin on all fours with your knees directly below your hips, and your ankles directly behind your knees. Make sure your perineum is pointing directly behind you.

  • Move onto your forearms. Keep your shoulders directly above your elbows, and your wrists directly in front of your elbows.

  • Stretch your shoulder blades together and your chest out. Keep your weight on your fingertips.

  • Stretch your legs open, so that your knees are wider than your hips. Keep your perineum pointing back. Stretch as deeply as you can.

The Application

This is an excellent position for women to practice during doggystyle penetration. Stretching the legs open releases the pelvic floor, which in turn increases our pleasure sensitivity. Additionally in Frog Pose, we can keep our weight on our forearms, and can even thrust back and forth by pressing our weight up and down on our hands. This way, we can keep our legs and glutes completely relaxed, ensuring that our pelvic floor is maximally released for maximal pleasure.

Frog Pose is also wonderful for men to practice during missionary style penetration. With you weight on your forearms, you are at the perfect face positioning for kissing during intercourse. Kissing releases a slew of endorphins including oxytocin, which is the main hormone releases during female orgasm, and dopamine, which is the main hormone releases during male orgasm. The wide-legged stance allows the male partner to engulf the female partner, a touch that further stimulates his partner's production of oxytocin. Activating the production of these hormones prior to climax makes its reach that more intense and pleasure filled. 

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