Yoga is the practice of opening up my self so that breath can penetrate me.

Intimacy is the practice of opening up my self so that you can penetrate me.

This is the opening to my guide DEEPER, which explores the connections between yoga and intimacy. Not only do they both ask us to open up, they both ask us to connect. The word yoga, after all, means union. The practice of yoga creates a connection between mind, body, and spirit. The practice of intimacy creates a connection between the two partners.

This guide is filled with yoga-inspired practices that deepen the connection between you and your intimate partner, by way of soul-penetrating pleasure. You will learn how to create intentional intimacy through meditation, tone the pelvic floor for multiple full-body orgasms, practice yoga poses that provide maximum sexual stimulation in the bedroom, and open yourself up to receive the deepest pleasure connection of your life.

Part art book, part kama sutra, part science lesson, this guide is the most concentrated compilation of my best creations.

But don’t take my word for it…

"It's excellent, so poetic."

"Clear in thought and illustration."

"It's not so serious, it's just artistic and sensual, playful but educational."

"I love the format like that so pretty."

“It’s highly erotic.”

"Very sensual and scientific."

"You're like a real sexologist. Everything I wanted to know is in here, and I get turned on just reading it!"

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