Sex Energy Reset

Sex Energy Reset


Feel more sexual pleasure in just seven days.

That is the premise of my Sex Energy Reset guide, which takes you on a day-to-day journey through yoga, meditation, and self-pleasure techniques.

Follow the guide’s 70+ pages of prompts to realize new practices for opening your Root Chakra and Heart Chakras, strengthening your sex energy flow between the two, and expanding your mind to match a more profound sexual pleasure experience.

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While I believe that sexual pleasure ought to be an area of our life that we are constantly working, akin to exercise and spirituality, most people reach out for my training when they are unhappy with their sex life.

Regardless what kind of partner an individual has or does not have, the first thing I coach clients to do is to reconnect with their own sexual energy. We must realize that the universe is always working to match what we put out. If an individual is constantly expressing sexual dissatisfaction, that is the experience that the individual will continue to attract. By reconnecting with our own sexual energy and expressing a sexual pleasure that is unconditional, we will then be able to attract more and more experience of sexual pleasure.

This guide encompasses the main tenets of sex energy cultivation in a way that simply explains the theory behind the practices, clearly outlines the practices, and easily organizes the practices into different steps for exploring one’s own sexual energy.

Please note that this guide asks you to commit 30-60 minutes per day working through it, which consists of reading, meditation, yoga, and masturbation. In order for the program to offer its intention, this daily time for Pleasure Practice is essential.

***Upon payment, you will receive an email link to download the guide. The link will be sent immediately and will be active for 24 hours. Per industry standard, there are no refunds***